Smithville’s first brewery, Smithville Sudwerks, features European-style beers, pub fare and snacks, and homemade sodas.  Celebrating traditional lagers and Smithville’s rich railroading history, the Sudwerks (German for “mechanics of the Brewhouse”) brews with imported European malts and hops for authentic old-world tastes.  Each batch is hand-crafted, from Mill to Tap!

Founded by Friends

Tristan Kubik and Amy Thurmond first brewed beer together at Lazarus Brewing Company in Austin.  When seeking to establish their own brewpub, Amy reached out to long-time cycling pal, Rob Remlinger.  Rob’s Back Door Café, a Smithville staple for delicious meals, seemed the perfect location for the new enterprise, and the partnership was forged.  Tristan, Amy, and Rob blend brewing craft beers with tasty pub fare for a unique experience at Smithville Sudwerks!

The Crew


Engineer Tristan – Homebrew and Entomologist, Colorado native Tristan Kubik brings [mad] science, chemistry, and a thirst for making great beers to the team at the Sudwerks.  AKA “Mr. Wurstfest 2021,” Tristan loves to polka and talk about tasty lagers.  You may also see him skate-skiing throughout Smithville – so follow him back to the Sudwerks for a pretzel and a slow-pour Pils!


Conductor Amy – The Sudwerks keeps rolling thanks to Amy “Thirsty” Thurmond!  Scheduling, ordering, cooking, and cleaning, Amy coordinates the brewpub with a big smile and plenty of experience, gleaned from many years spent learning about beers under the expert Brewmasters at Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner.  When she’s not drinking her favorite lager at the Sudwerks, you might catch Amy playing in the Colorado River, right at the end of Main Street!


Chef Rob – SV Sudwerks would not have come to fruition without the Back Door Café’s Rob Remlinger.  Chef Rob has spent 26 years cooking up culinary masterpieces in downtown Smithville.  His vision and guidance for the Sudwerks team also draws on his experiences growing up in Holland and drinking truly hand-crafted village pub beers.  Follow Rob’s bike (his preferred method of transit) to the Sudwerks to taste his latest creations over a cold pint!


Sidewalk Sign

Railroading was the cornerstone of Smithville, and we raise a glass to the grit and determination of the people still working the rails today!  Our beers are named for historic trains and local legends.  Let us pour you a delicious, refreshing beer while you read all about them, down at the Sudwerks, just a block from the railroad in downtown Smithville!